Dating is like planning a night of drinking …

Dating is like planning a night of drinking . . .

 …you have to know your limit and how hard you’re willing to go.

For the longest time, I’ve blocked out the idea of dating because I thought I needed to, “date with long-term intentions.” I didn’t want to start something that couldn’t lead into marriage. Now I realize that dating may not be for me because I’m just not emotionally prepared. I mean, I’ll have one spontaneous night out and I…

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I’m not who you assume I am …

I’m not who you assume I am . . .

… based on my social media accounts.

Let me elaborate. I believe social media has taken away the desire to get to know people on personal levels. We have so much access to updates, pictures and memes that we create our own perceptions of who and what others are without taking the time to seek and gain in-depth  understanding.

This weekend I ran into someone I’m familiar with via twitter.…

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Ain’t I a man?

Ain’t I a man?


IMG_5055Last Saturday I attended an art exhibit titled “Ain’t I a Woman.” The artist, Lareisa, showcased a collection of provocative pieces that emphasized the beauty, vulnerability, and power of the female body and psyche. After talking to Lareisa, I learned that her artwork depicted a spiritual journey just as much as it did a physical journey. It was then that I understood why the exhibit spoke to me…

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Both Cinder-fella & Fairy God-fahvah

Both Cinder-fella & Fairy God-fahvah


What do you do when you have a gala to attend, three hours to prepare and nothing to wear? Pray and run to every store you can! I first went to the thrift store to find something for the event (#gradstudentproblems)—that was a bust. So then I ventured to some department stores and finally found these Calvin Klein pants that paired well with a INC International Conceptsjacket. After slapping on a…

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